It was terrifying but, I made a cake

Yup. Me. I made a cake. The girl who is often asked, by family members, not to bring anything to the potluck parties because what I make isn’t often identifiable. Yup. Me.

I made a cake. Let the angels sing Hallelujah!

I made a complete mess of my kitchen, got powdered sugar in places I shouldn’t mention, and used utensils I didn’t even know I owned (Why hello there thin metal spatula where did you come from?)

I am proud to say that I grated my own Ghirardelli baking chocolate and managed NOT to flay the skin off my hand. Yay!

I used the grated chocolate on the cream cheese frosting center layer of the cake and it worked beautifully.

I didn’t realize that each box of cake produces enough for 2-9″ cake pans and used 2 boxes. I ended up overfilling the pans. I had to use the cool floss hack suggested on the cooking site online to level my layer out a bit after it was done baking. The second one I left a bit rounded as it added to the look I wanted.

The outside of the cake looks goofy but I kinda liked it that way. White chocolate shavings and dark chocolate buttons over dark Ghirardelli cocoa frosting.

I think it looks pretty if a little unprofessional. Nonetheless I am quite proud of it.

For someone who can’t really cook I think I did pretty dern well.




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