Home sick

Well, my tooth has gotten worse. I stayed home from work today. Here’s hoping the dentist doesn’t cost too much. I’m waiting until Monday to go because I’m pretty unsure about how much it’s going to cost and I want to be as close to payday as possible before going.

Right now I’m as numbed up with Ambasol as one can safely be. Some slight throbbing is present but not as bad as it was. I finally got some sleep yesterday. I worked my shift on 2 hrs sleep…(I don’t recommend it) and my tooth got way worse. Poor Cindy took me to 3 places trying to help me find Ambosol for it. (Thanks Cindy!!)

I considered the ramifications of calling in and finally decided my health is more important. I am generally the type that calls in very little (maybe twice a year?) so I did have to convince myself to do it.

I got bored lying here (too sore to sleep anymore)and my online friend sent me a youtube link. She laughed when I saw the topic and sputtered my horror. “What will married life be like for you?” I might have scoffed a bit at the idea of anyone wanting to put up with me for life. (Did I mention I have a horrible addiction to projects, travel, and an incurable curiosity that makes men weep?)

I did do it though. It’s a pick-a-card tarot reading and you basically pick the one that resonates with you and then fast forward to the timestamp of your group. I picked card pile #1.

Tarot reading

Feel free to watch it if you are curious what I got.

Anyway, I have a tooth issue and hopefully in a week I will have it sorted out to my satisfaction. I might even have to use TDCC (That damned credit card) but so long as I take care of myself properly it’s ok in the end.

I’m also watching a lot of Dancing Bacon videos. I like that he doesn’t talk but takes you on journeys with him. I laughed on the vending machine one because he bought Arizona Green tea which is exactly what I am drinking ( I couldn’t find any without sugar and this was the closest to just straight green tea I could find.) I need to buy Green tea bags next time I shop.

My newest blanket purchase ($17 at Joann Fabrics) is a total hit. It’s like a crocheted sweater material and it’s making me slightly less sad.

Love and stuff


Update** I discovered that I don’t have an abscess, I have a sinus infection that is affecting my cavities. Once I was working on the correct thing I got less pain almost immediately. Using boiled water and salt on my nasal passages really released the pressure and I feel soo soo much better.

I am soo glad I can work tomorrow with less worry.


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