Trying out the Topps Disney Collect app and comparing it to Quidd

I discovered the Topps Disney Collect app and of course I had to try it.

Compared to Quidd, which I use currently, it has a few pluses and minuses.

Plus: The animation of the opening of the pack is WONDERFUL! I totally wish Quidd had this. It just makes the collecting way more fun. who doesn’t like the fun of ripping into a shiny papered pack?  To be fair, I really, really like the way Quidd celebrates on the screen when you complete your collection while clicking through cards. I just think the personal touch of seeing an animated pack ripping open is what card collectors really cherish when doing the same thing in real life.

Both Apps give lots of freebies.. but Topps does way more than Quidd. On Quidd, selling is the only way to make real coin for purchases without resorting to spending your own cash. (They do give 1000 coins on a timer but, it means logging in constantly.)  Of course, Quidd also gives way more bang for your buck if you do spend your cash on there. ($2 buys a hell of a lot of coins!) There is a kind of balance then between the apps…it just comes down to if the player is really wanting to spend real money or if they are focused on only using in-game funds. I like Topps for making it feel less like force. You can easily play without real money..but, because they don’t make me feel forced..I kinda want to more.

Quidd makes spending money worth your while, but it is pretty obvious that if you want to complete the sets you are going to either need to cough up the cash or get really, really good at selling your stuff…which can be a more involved process than some players want.

Topps has a trading set-up that helps you get the cards you need. It even has rewards for doing a certain number of them and they make communication between negotiators very easy..though, it isn’t as flexible or easy to navigate as Quidds selling system.

The art on both Apps is beautiful and the information about the cards are quite very well displayed on both..though, I gotta be honest,  I like the look of Topps a bit better. They really have the graphics thing down on Topps..coupled with really quality sound and animation. Quidd isn’t that far behind though..theirs have a more cartoon-like animation which isn’t as slick as Topps..but, hey! They both have their place in the world.

Topps gives entire pack bonuses and progress rewards, Quidd has some but definitely not as many.  Topps is also much more clear on the question of cost. They give you the option to go with low level spending with 1:5 ratio pulls or higher spending with a guaranteed pull from the targeted set. This is where they kick Quidd in the ass! Quidd only offers these when you use real money.


Topps doesn’t do that great a job showing what print number the card is out of the batch. Quidd always displays it prominently and let’s be honest, it’s part of what makes you excited. Getting a low number on a rare card is just awesome!  Topps leans more towards trading instead of selling (in fact they don’t let you sell only trade) and they go primarily by rarity listing instead of print #, (though they do include it in info…it’s just hard to find).

Speaking of hard to find…Topps navigation arrangement is fiddly as hell. The screen on my cell makes swiping pages harder and it doesn’t help that it sometimes takes the swiping motions as selection and changes to another screen when all you were trying to do was go down and it sure doesn’t help that it returns to the top of the page or first screen every time you do something! Nobody likes having to flip through pages to get back to the one they were using ok!

Soo..basically I love it..but it has some annoying bits.

Trade seems too complicated compared to Quidd but, they make up for it with really excellent graphics, animation and sounds.

My final analysis:

I won’t be deleting my Quidd account and I’ll be playing Disney too. They seem solid competition with one another..but, honestly..if Disney gets a bit more user intuitive in the flipping pages thing, they might just give Quidd a real run for their money.

As for game play alone.

The very 1st collection ended up being for Toy Story 4. Duke Kaboom featured prominently…woot woot!

Damned if his card wasn’t the hardest one to get too!! But, you know me! I never give up on a good collection.

I got my man..muhahaha!!



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