The cleaning force is strong in this one

I’m not sure what happens since, I hate cleaning as much as the next person but, once I get started I keep going with cleaning until I have eradicated clutter, dirt and the mayhem of debris. Once it starts feeling aesthetically pleasing I finally (usually) stop.

Then, a new feeling overcomes me. The desire to create or cook. I plot meals and try out recipe ideas. I contemplate my sewing patterns and begin looking on youtube or etsy for ideas. What a lovely day off I’m having!

Yesterday was pure hell, to be honest. The only way to amp up a normally insanely busy Saturday is to announce a 1 day sale..oh, and plan it for Christmastime! Yup. That’ll do it! And it did.

I was pure tired after work.

There is something else I should mention. Before I got to work, (when I was still home). I heard a very big bang outside my door. I opened my door to find an older man, with a cane, lying on the corridor floor. He had clearly hurt himself as he had a bloody nose and was desperately trying to stand using the walls as balance. I did my best to help him stand but he was very tall compared to me. He seemed quite embarrassed and I could sense he felt very awkward about me touching him. Once he had his cane I went to check my mail. I looked back once more and he seemed ok..only, I guess he wasn’t because, when I got back I found my next door neighbor also helping the man stand. He had apparently fallen again after I left him. I was horrified. I would never have left if I had thought he’d fall again. That upset me quite a bit and I fretted at myself the entire way to work on my bus.

The guilt almost killed me. I seriously didn’t know what to do. He seemed like he had a garbage bag of soda cans so maybe he was taking them down to the recycling? The male neighbor seemed much stronger than I and it felt rude to stand and gawk at the poor man so I had just gone ahead to work. I thought about him all day and worried he’d really hurt himself.

(Oh…I just heard him in the hall) brb…

Ok. He’s doing much better now! I asked him if he was getting around better and he stated that he was. I think it was the recycling bag that tripped the poor man up. He really needs a walker instead of a cane. It’s pretty clear he’s not very steady with just a cane. I wonder what I can do to help him? I wonder how much those seated walkers you see on the bus cost?

Last night I made up the yummiest sweet tea. I used Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger and I kid you not! The aftertaste is lovely with a couple of ice cubes.


This morning I put a new comforter on my bed. It’s actually for a queen bed but I just like it a whole bunch and put it on my bed anyway, who cares if it’s too big!


Today I did my bi-weekly shopping and decided to try not using my calculator this time. Would you believe I came in at $97! It was amazing! I was kinda chuffed. Usually when I use a calculator I end up spending more than I planned. This was a refreshing change. Lol

Got home and had some lunch (Caesar salad and fried chicken) while watching Jun’s Kitchen (if you haven’t seen him on Youtube, I totally recommend! I watch because his voice is very calming and his cooking is cool to watch. His cats are cute too) and then  the cleaning-a-palooza began!


Finishing up my mid-day with some cinnamon rolls. I posted a photo on Instagram calling them my “Synonym” rolls.


It’s only 3 pm and I already feel like I’ve had a full day of comforting busy.

What should I do next?







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