The power of experience

I use to get really tense about change. I didn’t like the uncertainty of my life. Granted, having no income and tons of money worries greatly contributed to this but, really 80% of it was just worrying about stuff that I should have known I could handle. I didn’t trust myself and I didn’t know how much support I actually had if I had just asked.

These days every part of my life is improving. The evolution of me has been huge. From living in a basement, to living with my sister and her family, to now living in my own apartment. Life just improves over time. It’s a direct result of my effort, my commitment to me, my support system and my spirituality.

I am saying all this because, today, when the dentist told me the total of my dental needs, I didn’t at all. I would have in the past, but I know I can count on myself and I know my financial limits. I know how to plot this path and I’m stopping to acknowledge that.

In this moment I am truly in control of my own life.

It feels good. (Understatement)

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