Daily wrap-up

Usually I would have tomorrow off but, I used my only personal day on the 18th, to finish my shopping. When my boss asked me to work I agreed since we don’t get holiday pay. That means that whenever a holiday happens you just lose an extra day of pay. (Bastards)

Anyway, by working my normal day off I keep my hours intact. The only thing I hate about my company is that you either lose a day of pay or use your personal days up on the holidays, which I think bites. Nothing like corporations screwing you out of any time off you’ve accrued. I mostly love my company but, in this one area they suck ass.

I also sign the dental loan paperwork tomorrow..sigh*

$209 a month doesn’t sound like much to anyone else, but my inner Cappi is eying the odds that they add-on to the balance by “finding” more to charge me with. I decided that any additional work needed will have to wait on my saving up the funds. 2 personal loans is enough ok!

Anyway. Today ends with a good book and an early turn-in.

Night y’all!


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