Gods can’t breathe underwater

When you place someone on a high pedestal, you take away their ability to sit down. They have no choice but to stand on that small space while noticing the  platform is getting increasingly smaller.

Projections mount up until they feel like they are poised on their tippy-toes with no choice left but to eventually fall.

The problem with being  someone’s god, is that if you are actually just human, you will fuck up eventually. That’s what humans do, we learn from mistakes. If we try to be false Gods we create a situation that cannot last forever.

When we place a projection on a human being that could never truly be maintained, that human will unconsciously do one of two things. They will court disaster, or they will attempt to live the life of the god you forced them to be. Both choices lead to burn-out. Humans get tired, after all.

Not fair. Not fair and harmful to the very human person wearing the face of a god.

The only way to save themselves is to have people who know them and release them from their god-place. People who laugh at them, chide them. Treat them like a human instead of like a god. People that that human can rely on to anchor them. “You might be a god to everyone else motherfucker, but you leave the toilet seat up!” That kind of circle saves. That kind of understanding and acceptance balances.

Gods need friends who know their not gods. That is how you get off the pedestal.

God’s can’t breathe underwater. They need oxygen. Let there be oxygen. Invite oxygen in.

Because motherfucker…it is ok to just let yourself be you.

You aren’t a god, but I like you anyway.

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