Christmas plans (sorta)

Since Z couldn’t come for Christmas (he got a job) I am just going to read, sew and do the astrology notebooks tomorrow.

I might have a late start though as I’ve caught a bad chest cold. The 23rd and tonight were very hard on my body. I had only about 4 hrs sleep last night, and tonight I’m coughing way too much. Camomile tea ☕ to the rescue.

I posted a photo on FB of my feet lying on my bed (in my snowman pajama pants) with the caption: “I’m not moving and you can’t make me” this seemed to amuse way too many people.

My dinner tomorrow won’t be all that fancy but, don’t feel too bad, it’s simple because the rest of the week has been nothing but free food at work (think major pig-out offerings) Thank goodness I push carts 8 hours a day otherwise I’d be in danger of gaining 10 lbs this season (it’s not my fault the Gyros were sooo soo good..and the meatball subs…and the eggrolls and rice and… get the picture..nom nom nom) My work does the best food!!! I haven’t even gone into the desserts…OMG!!!!

I’m thinking a pbj sammie with chips for lunch and chicken and pasta for dinner. That’s the ticket!!

Tonight was spent in 3 conversations with people I adore. How lucky I am to have people who wish me well.

Merry Christmas friends! Whatever you celebrate, may it be blessed with love.



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