Guess what I finally saved up enough to buy?!!


I’m not gonna lie, the back legs were a real annoyance because I couldn’t get the right one to tighten properly. I took a look at the bolt sleeve and noticed something blocking the hole. Staples!! For goodness sake!! They stapled across the hole blocking it with metal. I removed them and the leg went on quite easily after that.

Putting the back on was quite easy but the instructions said they would click when properly placed and the right side never made a click noise. I tried it out though, and it seems ok. I can’t wait to sew in this chair!!

This is kinda my Christmas/early birthday present to myself. 😊

Without my co-worker Tim’s help I’d have never gotten it home or up the 3 flights of stairs. Thank you Tim!! I offered him money but he declined. What a nice guy.


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