That was way to much weirdness for one day!

Soo..2 weird events in one day.
Some kind of record for me.

It all happened on Friday. I had just come from my break when I saw a very strange sight indeed! A car rolling..very, very slowly down the incline of 2 parking spaces. It stopped after hitting another car. The metal squealed as the car tried to keep going and encountered resistance in the form of the other car’s side door. Finally it came to a stop once the 2nd car rudely refused to move from its parked condition.

That’s when I heard the crying.
I looked into the car and saw nobody in the drivers seat. In the back seat however I found 2 boys wailing. Being a mom, I ascertained easily that is was less an “I’m scared and hurt” cry and more of a “Did that happen because of us and if so we are we totally gonna get grounded?” cry.

Since both boys were in the back seat, I was pretty sure it had something to do with a missed parking brake and not anything the kids might have done..(other than perhaps provide the weight that helped the car start rolling downhill.

I alerted my store manager of the situation via walkie and gave them the license plate details for the cars. While we waited for the car owners to come out, I teased the kids through the car window by saying that “For once it was their Dad who was in trouble.” I dropped my voice to a teasing tone “Are you gonna ground him?” They smiled and I decided they were ok.

After some discussion the dad and the other driver agreed that the damage was minimal and didn’t need any great fixing (her car was pretty old). They went on their respective ways after that.

The second weird thing happened after I arrived at my apartment. I had walked from the bus-stop and was just about to climb the hill that leads into my apartment parking-lot, when a guy on a bicycle began coming down the hill. The tire of his bike caught on a patch of ice and bam! Over he went!
He didn’t get up after he fell so I asked if he was ok and he answered that he was not. I asked if he needed me to call an ambulance and he winced and said that he thought he might.
After calling 911 it was determined that the poor guy, named Richard, had dislocated his shoulder in the fall. After promising to put his bike in the entry (inside) for him he was taken away by ambulance.

Once I finally reached my apartment it was about 11:30 at night. Phew***

What a weird day!

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