Apparently my birthday is a really big deal in astrology

According to the internet, astrologer Lisa Stardust and columnist Erika W. Smith my birthday is a big deal this year (I was unaware that it mattered to anyone but lil ol me)

“says astrologer Lisa Stardust. Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto are all in Capricorn, and on Sunday, January 12th, they’ll align in what’s called a conjunction — meaning they’re all lined up in the same sign. During this day, we can expect big things to happen all over the world.”

“On January 12th, we have a series of events that will shake up our lives due to the stellium (a cluster of planets in the same sign) of planets linking up in Capricorn,” Stardust explains. First, we start off the day with Mercury aligning with Saturn and then Pluto.

The fact that it’s these three particular planets lined up matters. “Whenever Mercury and Saturn come together there’s a big story with authority and power. This sentiment is exemplified by Pluto’s connection to Mercury,” Stardust says. “These planets, especially in the cardinal sign of Capricorn, will force us to take action against those who aim to control us or hold us back. Finally, later in the day, Saturn and Pluto come together.”
This Saturn-Pluto conjunction is particularly important. “This is the fight. The rage against the machine. This is where we will unchain ourselves from the constraints or status quo of society and speak our minds,” Stardust says. “With the political climate being super heated, we can expect protests against the government and the patriarchy. This energy will set off the birth chart of the U.S.A., and force voices throughout the country to be heard.”
Pay attention to the headlines this weekend. “All of these planets want to expose the abuses of power in order to transform the world,” Stardust says.
Credit: and Erika W Smith.
Link in the first paragraph if you want to read it directly.

I gotta admit, getting rid of Trump would be the best birthday present ever!

Um…umm..umm…is this going to effect my Yod?!! Because if it is….I’m gonna need a minute.

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