Chiron in the 11th house

Chiron in the 11th house indicates a native who might have been rejected by others her own age, as a child, because she is so “different”. There is this delightful ability she has of seeing the world in a slightly tilted way. She will be adept at visualizing and dreaming up imaginary worlds, creatures, and adventures. She probably loved to read fiction and fantasy stories as a child because books felt more in line with who she was on the inside. She sees solutions and possibilities. She understands potential. She knows things instinctively that she cannot explain and this sets her apart.

This lack of acceptance by her age group might have manifested as an uncomfortable feeling whenever she’s in large groups or gatherings, never having truly lost that sense of not being “accepted.”

She might seek out only those of similar views or ideas as herself. As an adult she might actually turn this sense of being “different” into a strength and become quite a leader if she can learn to be less nervous about expressing herself in front of others.

Her leadership ability will come quite easily to her once she embraces the parts of herself that marches to her own beat. Even if she conquers her feelings of “never quite being enough” for some people, she may still find herself feeling uncomfortable whenever she must stand in front of anyone and express herself without knowing, at first, how she will be received.

Some might say she has a special destiny that will utilize this “different” way of hers. She just has to discover WHAT that special destiny is.

The deepest wounds that might manifest for this native are in the area of friendships and deepest hopes. She might have gotten rejected soo often that she now lives a life that feels quite lonely.

She’s unique and knows she doesn’t fit in. She’s adept at helping others fit in as she knows exactly how this feels and will go out of her way to make things easy for others with similar issues as herself. She will help others fit but, cannot seem to make herself fit. She will endlessly feel the weight of being expected to be something or someone else, not her, her entire life.

This individual will often be taken for granted in a social circle. One who goes unacknowledged for her contributions or is significantly overlooked.

This native isn’t really noticed for her unique contribution to the group. She will be quite understated in manner and this leads to being somewhat undervalued. Perhaps she is too diligent in her work to be recognized as separate from the whole, or her work ethic is such a part of her she doesn’t make a fuss or complain, even when she truly should.  She fades into the background.

Her true value is rather unfortunately only felt when the smoothly running operation suddenly stops or falls apart, generally as a result of her absence having left or given up on being properly appreciated by others. It is at that time that her very real value is felt and, often, deeply mourned.

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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