Happy Birthday to me (or is it B?)

Slept in late, woke to lots of FB posts of Happy Birthday. I’ve got a rumbly in my tumbly and must go grocery shopping (all I have in there ATM is a very lonely yogurt)

I’m wearing my new necklace present from Mary. It’s a llama necklace with “Be yourself” written on. I also plan on wearing the shirt I bought myself for my birthday during dinner. It’s quite pretty.

Oh, I should mention the amazing gift from Kazza. She sent me a completely adorable set of Australian art prints for my wall. With all she’s dealing with in OZ right now, I can’t believe she did that. She’s made me quite teary. I have them featured on my table right now until I have a proper frame for all of them. After I do, I’ll be putting them on a very special wall. (Wait and see!)



Look at that 46 year old mug! Not badddd.

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