Jupiter in Aquarius

These natives find their good fortune manifesting when they are tolerant, fair, kind, inventive, impartial and helpful. These folks work best when they have creative freedom and choice. Thinking outside the box and challenging the rules a bit, they just seem to operate best when they are allowed to just do what their instincts call them to do.

These folks have lively minds. They are more easy-going and willing to learn than most and this results in an open-minded approach to other beliefs and values not their own. They are quite extraordinarily capable of placing themselves in the shoes of others. They see multiple viewpoints at once and this makes them an excellent mediator personality.

Some might call this native a genius, others call them eccentric, both will be correct. Aquarius in Jupiter is not in the slightest concerned about being viewed as different. These are your artists, musicians, activists, inventors and scientists! They are sociable and love to share ideas.

These folks, they accept folks. All kinds of folks. They are tolerant, empathetic and deeply understanding, which allows them to work with just about anyone. Literally anyone. They are fresh, original, free-spirited. They don’t think like anyone else and it shows in the ideas they come up with. Even the unusual way in which they speak will reveal a mind that sees the world in a completely different way.

They don’t seek out responsibility. They can lack discipline and tend to need very little material goods to be truly happy. You’d be surprised how easily these folks take the loss of a “thing”.  They are much more concerned with preserving and maintaining experiences they have had in life.

Because material possessions are less important to them, these natives don’t tend to prosper financially. Those who judge the worth of a person by the amount of money in their bank account will most definitely consider these natives a failure..but, those who are paying more attention will notice that these “worthless” humans have something..some small something that they can’t look away from. It draws people to them.

They don’t have much but, somehow they always have enough and what’s more, they tend to give away any excess they come across. They might not be aware of the many people who adore them because, to them, sharing is just a logical part of their life structure and this, more than anything else about them, is the main reason they are so very loved. They are, to the very center of their bones, good people. They will create an extremely protective and loyal community of friends and loved ones everywhere they go.

These natives have rather revolutionary ideas about making the world a better place. They are excellent motivators and networkers. They know just the perfect person for each task and the right people to put together on a team. They know instinctively who will work best with whom not only for the best possible combining of skill, but also the best possible combination of personality.

The one area Jupiter in Aquarius struggles is in compromise. They dislike intensely the need to give up any part of their vision to the more practical demands of reality. This is where a reliable partner with a more practical viewpoint is helpful. Even better if the partner is good at diplomacy. Jupiter in Aquarius just loves getting their vision into the world, changing that vision might sting a bit because they are just that invested in making that dream real.

These independent thinkers thrive in areas that benefit mankind. Technology, social sciences, religion and philosophy. They have a pioneers spirit. They aren’t about traditional methods of thinking. They are all about social reform and lifting people, ALL PEOPLE into a life of beauty and enlightened responsibility.




Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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