Mars in Taurus

On the Chinese Zodiac I am a Water-Ox so this makes me smile. Close enough really.

Slow and steady. Mars in Taurus isn’t the fastest type. They are far too busy making sure it’s done right the first time and that takes longer. Worth it though, these goal-oriented folks have tremendous staying power. Stubborn and loyal unto death, they are about the long haul, not the short-shift.

They are calm and slow to anger. Strong, easygoing and very calm. These natives don’t anger all that quickly so if you do manage to piss em off, you’d probably better to run, cause you probably deserve it and whatever they do will probably hurt, a lot.

Mars in Taurus value strength and stability. They care about secure foundations and weathering storms.

They often have a secret enjoyment of personal trinkets and delightful little indulgences. They aren’t frivolous types so most of their loved ones smile gently at these well-deserved bits of personality. This Taurus native will probably feel a tiny bit guilty about indulging..but, they just can’t help it, they like seeing memories in physical form. They are just not the types to spend and overall they are incredibly hard workers.

They are amazingly patient. They will work for years and years to obtain a goal. Revealing how much it meant only in the moment of attaining it, when our sweet bull bursts into tears of something mixed between joy and a slight fear it won’t really be true.

Don’t be thinking these bulls are all about work, they have a rather startling sensuality. Slow to arousal but earthy and powerful in their passion.

Most Mars in Taurus have very well defined goals for themselves. There won’t be an abundance of goals, just a few specific ones. They don’t want to lose their focus. If they don’t think it will happen, they won’t even try. Getting them to move quickly will be an act of futility, especially once that bull has gotten settled in for the night! Trying to get them to change their minds once made up will make you go quite mad.

They will not be rushed. They will not be moved if they don’t want to move and they will 100% be there for you when the chips are down. They aren’t going anywhere.

While it might be frustrating knowing they won’t quicken their pace for anything. They just might be worth the wait in the end.

Sexually they are the most physical lovers of the signs. They are all about using all their senses. They don’t mind no frills sex so long as there is plenty of touching. They dearly love to touch the skin of their partner. Their sense of smell is also important so be sure to light those candles or use that really yummy lotion. They don’t tend to have a lot of variety in sex but they are right there with you every second. Looking into your eyes and making certain that you know it’s all for you. Oh, and their staying power is um….freaking amazing! No bull.



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