Mercury in Capricorn

Those with their Mercury in Capricorn feel a need to place things into tiny defined boxes. Labeled and neatly filed away.

They speak and write in a slow and thoughtful manner, pausing often to contemplate where they want their words to end up before even beginning.

They are quite adept at finding the answers and solutions they need, they are also easily flustered by too much data at once.

They like breaking things down into serviceable steps, which obviously explains the labeling habit. They like thinking they can handle things if they could just stick them all into a proper grouping. Less as a means of constriction and more as a means of making sense of what feels like chaos.

These folks like sinking their teeth into a good project. They have active minds and prefer doing things that have practical applications. They really hate being shoved off-guard and grow extremely frustrated with those who break their word.

These natives are a bit law-abiding in manner preferring to always do “the right and proper thing” they might come-off as judgey or stiff to others but, that’s just because they put great value in treating others how they wish to be treated themselves. They get flustered if people don’t understand what they are saying right away.  Having to repeat themselves annoys them endlessly.

While they might see a decision as quite practical, others might see it as quite narrow-minded. They too easily reject ideas that seem to self- indulgent and fanciful.

There is a bit of the sceptic in these natives. They have a natural squint that has little to do with eyesight and much more to do with sussing out what they see as the inherent bull in any flow of information.

They can almost sniff out the lies or slight-of-hand tricks being attempted by a slick-talking-sales-man. The squint is more a furrowing of the brows, than any actual trouble seeing,  and it is quite accurate in hinting at a native with a bit of Saturn influence.

They aim to not be messed about and most-of-the-time, they will have a fast-talking sales-person dead to rights on something they have “failed” to mention but for which the Mercury Cappie was onto like a heat seeking missile.

This native is a “no frills” communicator who values the passage of time and works very hard not to waste it.

They aren’t fancy people. They aren’t showy. They are simply their true and honest self without fancy airs or useless packaging. They have an honesty and kindness about them with an undying hint of grit and strength that might be regarded as boring and stuffy by some but, they are also reliable and straight-forward. You get what you see with these folks.



Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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