Moon in Virgo

With a Virgo Moon this native is probably quite practical and good at working multiple tasks at once. This is someone who likes structure, rules, and lists. They like knowing what needs doing and what has already been completed.

Moon Virgos find security in tidiness. Straightening, clearing and cleaning things up also seems to help clear them up in thinking and feeling prepared. Routine is something that makes them feel the most stable. They think more clearly when they have everything properly placed both in their mind and in their view.

Virgo Moons hate chaos. It makes them feel awkward and uncomfortable. They are greatly affected by pollution, processed foods and synthetic materials. Impurities in the water and air can make them fall quite ill.

Great eye for detail. A sharp intellect and prone to fussing and fretting over details.

Delicate digestion and nervous systems.

Everything in Moderation is their best path.

They quite match the emotional sides of Virgo and will resemble much of the same personality traits of a Virgo Sun sign but, with more focus and emphasis on the emotional aspects.

The main difference between those with a Virgo Moon and those with a Virgo Sun is that while a Sun sign in Virgo might be obvious to others, a Virgo Moon native is much more inward dwelling and subtle.

Though, a Virgo Sun native knows and understands everything that needs to be done responsibly and properly, they are quite capable of ignoring those duties out of procrastination, whereas the Virgo Moon native cannot feel settled unless they actually DO these things. In fact, they get stressed and anxious if they don’t.

Doing needed things actually calms them and eases their fears. Virgo Sun talks about living correctly and behaving responsibly too but, they don’t generally feel uncomfortable with deviating from that path. Virgo Moon natives actually feel pleasure and happiness from taking care of their many needs and planned duties and great stress and anxiety when they aren’t.

In many ways a Virgo Moon is the softer more feminine version of the most prominent Virgo traits. The sometimes abrasive qualities are gentled and the soft warm aspects are ever more heightened.

While a Sun Virgo has something to prove with their ego, the Moon Virgo is much more content and relaxed within themselves and feel much less need to prove themselves to others.




Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

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