Venus in Aquarius

“Aquarius in love”

“This person with Venus in Aquarius is an extremely special,unconventional, and rebellious lover”

Being an Air type makes them appear unaffected and detached but, in actuality they aren’t anywhere as detached as they might seem. They just give off that appearance because their views on loving are stubbornly in the realm of respecting the freedom to choose. Her love is already decided. She’s just waiting to give you the chance to choose or not choose to love her back. Therefore, all that detachment is just her waiting. Waiting to see if you return her feelings.

This lover is more about freedom and sweet but pointed flirtation. An Aquarius lover sees absolutely no reason to play around with subtlety. They see no reason not to freely admit they love you, without a single evasion in sight. Why lie? She does love you. No games needed. She just sees playing games as wasting time. Easier to let you know and deal with your possible rejection or jump feet first into your heart.

You’ll find her frankness unsettles you. Mesmerizes you. Excites you. And if you’re not careful buddy she’ll have you naked, dazed, and in her arms before you know what hit you. She’s not simply sexual, she’s about fully understanding every single thing about you and what you are at your core. Easier to love you thoroughly that way.

Venus in Aquarius doesn’t need the most rebellious lover, or the most beautiful..nope..she just likes em different. Different and independent in thought. She likes lovers who are distinctly and unalterably themselves. She doesn’t like carbon-copies. Let other girls covet Ken dolls..she’s out for the one who breaks the mold and forges their own unique path.

She has this annoying habit of thumbing her nose at conventional thinking and instead embraces learning what speaks to her alone.

Her method of loving has a way of changing the definitions others place on love. “She will break barriers and forge new insights. She’s unabashedly fabulous at loving someone and she’s all in once she makes up her mind she wants you, fair warning buddy.  You are such a lucky bastard.”



Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

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