Did you know koalas only exist in Australia?



Photo credit: @koalas.lover (instagram)

Koalas literally cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It’s believed they were stranded on the Island, as a species, and Australia came to be the only place they will ever be found outside captivity.

Australia is experiencing a crisis level summer. Can you imagine a world without koalas? Over a billion native animals (including koalas) have been lost to the devastating fires raging across Australia. Hopes and prayers are wonderful but, Australia needs more than sentiments! Australia needs money!

My Aussie friend, Kazza recommended this reputable site for donations:


If you have ever enjoyed Australia as a tourist, lived for a time in Australia, admired the stories and legends of Australia or even know people from Australia, this is your time to show that these memories matter! There is magic in Australia. Please help save their animals!


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