Translating TMW5T’s Midheaven in Gemini

Ok…soo..I was going to translate this placement from my notes today. Then, I realised, this is a biggie! Like one of his biggest placements. In fact, it’s a biggie no matter who you are.

There are about 11 pages of notes here.  Phew** that’s a lot of information ok!

I have mixed feelings about my notes. I keep flip-flopping between being exasperated at myself for doing such a thorough job on this, and being pleased that I recognized the importance of this placement for TMW5T.  Next to his Sun/Moon and Rising. This guys MC says quite a lot about him. (Like a lot, a lot!)

Therefore, I’m going to work on it in parts and simply save my progress until it is completed. Probably won’t post it tonight. (I’m not gonna lie It’s my day off and I want to watch some

The Midheaven, in a natal chart indicates career goals and aspirations. The MC also indicates our social standing and how the public views us. Seeing as TMW5T is, who he is, it’s important that I do a thorough job on this. I will say that it’s gonna be worth the wait though, his placement is freaking amazing dude!!

I haven’t been sitting on my bum though! I just completed the notes on both Pallas and Juno, so be sure to check those out!


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