Cactus rage is sharp

Ok, soo I kept hearing this jangle noise. It was totally annoying me in the middle of the night. I started looking like an uber dork slinking around my apartment attempting to find the source ( think pink panther with a lack of cat-like finesse)

See, I am (quite possibly) the lightest sleeper on the planet. To wake me up one only need think my name and I wake up. True story. (Mostly) soo it was really getting to me..this damned repetitive noise!

Anyway, I thought I’d discovered the cause…Don Prickles, my cactus must be vibrating on top of the frig and hitting another glass container right? Nope. It kept going…and Don actually stuck me in retaliation as I returned him to his spot…(he won’t admit he did it on purpose though!)

Finally found the cause this morning….the jingle bell metal Christmas tree ornament was catching an updraft from the heater. I punished him by putting him away until next Christmas.  Sigh*** Now Don Prickles isn’t speaking to me. Crap… does one go about apologizing to a cactus for a false accusation??

If you are wondering why I talk about my cactus like it’s a person you really ought to learn about my personality type ( INFP) and the way those with my type are with inanimate objects.

Or even here

(Heh…yup..totally me)

And um…yes, I admit it. If I touch one of my stuffed animals as I pass by I must touch ALL of them! I don’t wanna hurt anybody’s feelings ok!!!

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