Dating cheat sheet

Once again, I am a sucker for friends who insist I answer weird quizzes online.

If someone were dating you and needed a little help, what might they need to know? Answer the following questions and TELL THE TRUTH!

1) Favorite flowers?

Daisies, Sunflowers and Hyacinths.

2) Favorite Date activity?

Movie Night!

3) Secret favorite date activity?

Holding hands.

4) Favorite cologne?

I like em all. I like the smell of cologne a lot.

5) Favorite Color? Blue and Teal

6) If he buys you a present what would impress you most?

A book.

7) Secretly you probably checked out his?

Hands. It’s a sickness.

8) The best kisses are?

One’s where they hold the back of your neck.

9) Best after main event activity?


10) How does he know you rreeeaaally like him?

If I kiss him on the cheek. I’m a complete spaz when it comes to kissing. I would pass out if I had to  try kissing his mouth…I’d probably wuss out and kiss his cheek.

11) If he does this he’s dead in the water? Rude to the waiter.

12) If he does this you will inwardly cheer?

Holds the door for me.

13) What common gesture of politeness might freak you out?

Pulling out my chair. I’m a klutz soo I’d screw that up in a hurry!!

14) What would cause the biggest slap on the 1st date?

Grabbing any of my body parts inappropriately.

15) What approach works best?

Make me laugh.

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