Note to self:

Dear self, when you decide to eat the giant-sized Hershey’s kiss in your cupboard and go to cut it up…it’s kinda important to all future plans to eat things that require two hands (and fingers) like hamburgers,  NOT to almost chop your fingers off trying to cut through a dome-shaped slippy-type thing, with an inadequate knife (namely a steak knife)

You need safer knives…IDIOT!

Ps. I didn’t chop off my fingers…honest. No thanks to my impressive knife skills (or lack thereof)..



Pss. Stop referring to Keanu Reeves as “A Tender Roni” just because he’s in San Fran…nobody gets the joke because that Rice commercial isn’t even on tv anymore and nobody remembers that Bobby Brown song! ::blush::

:::hee hee hee hee:::

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