Peaceful protest and violent groups

I have opinions, I admit it! Most of my beliefs are layered like an onion. They aren’t and never have been black & white.

For example:

I am a fierce believer in the right to peaceful protest and demonstration. However, I have one belief that clashes with this one. I don’t believe that peaceful protest can be applied to those who support violence or violent treatment of others. I believe, by that groups very nature, that attempting a “peaceful” demonstration, is a demonstration in hypocrisy.

Even if that group is peacefully demonstrating in that moment, they are advocating violence in other moments and this…THIS goes against the very nature of. what it means to be peaceful.

I also believe that sometimes violence as a result or reaction to violence is sometimes the only way to make change.

Let me be clear. I am with the ones who were violated against and support their right to fight back. You might think that’s screwy thinking violence is a solution to violence .but, I just believe that if you start a fight you don’t get to stop others from reacting to what you caused. You don’t get to expect better than you gave from those you harmed. You don’t get to expect better treatment than your victims received at your own hands.

Being sorry you started a fire, doesn’t mean that the forest has to forgive you for setting fire to it.

You don’t deserve sympathy and compassion from the scorched forest when you also accidentally set your own house on fire.


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