Pin-eyed people

This is the story of how I started doodling pin-eyed people. Working at BRU I use to get stuck at a desk all the time. When I had slow periods, I began to doodle. I don’t draw as well as my son but, I like doodling people. I stick to a sort-of “stick figure” version that works for me.

I didn’t realize it but, people started finding my doodles. A few even admitted to keeping them. I really liked that each doodle somehow always looked different from the others.

My friend in England, Matt, started to refer to them as “Pin-eyed people”.  He’s an artist who doesn’t paint anymore so, I kinda thought “Wow, ok soo maybe they aren’t that bad. I’ll keep doing them.” I started a doodle scratch book for fun. By Christmas of 2015 I’d filled the whole book! I even made a card collection of them on Neon Mob. I sent the book to my son after photographing some and placing them on a page here on my blog.

My friend Matt brought them up recently and he sounded like he missed seeing them. How weird. I never thought anyone noticed. He said it’s how he knows I’m happy.

The reason I mention it is, is because I’ve gone ahead and started a new doodle scratch book. I write a bit about my day and include a pin-eyed person. When I’m done with this one, it’s going to Kazza!

Here are some of the ones I’ve done so far. They aren’t fancy but, I kinda like them.



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