The new astrology trend I DO NOT support

Apparently, there is a new trend of using a person’s sun sign to determine if they should get a job, date someone, or even become someone’s roommate.

That’s kinda the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!! and here is why:

Your sun sign is only your public face. It’s like only 1 tiny isolated part of you! It’s who you start out as. Your personal blueprint, as it were. Not only does a person have a ton of other planets in signs also affecting them..(Hello!!rising sign much?? !!) and a hell of a lot of aspects affecting your personality depending on where everything falls but, just as your body grows, your blueprint changes as you grow also! It’s called growth people!

I mean your Moon sign affects your emotions and more intimate interactions. Your Mars shows how you fight and your masculine side, your Venus is how you view and express love. All these signs, they interact. They strengthen or weaken. They can be built on or torn down!!

Then there are the HOUSES!! OMG!!! The sign your house falls in, the house your planet falls in and even how freaking close they are to each other! Next come the ASPECTS. All these things can affect your personality. Why the hell do you think Astrologists need the exact time of birth and the exact place of birth?!!! HELLO!!

This stuff takes a lot of freaking work to figure out! Just reading my posts should tell you that!

Judging someone based on a single sign on their chart (and only the public face sign at that!!!) is like deciding to marry someone based only on hair color. Or choosing a career based on what letter of the alphabet it starts in (nope sorry can’t be a nurse it starts with an N!!!)

Sounds dumb right? Well, that’s what it sounds like to someone who actually studies real charts and KNOWS that these things have layers like an onion, and EVEN then, a person can have personal growth, personal experiences, and interactions with other people who impact those signs as well!

Then there is that thing called age and wisdom. Even people born exactly the same date, time AND place will be different from one another..because the people you interact with as you grow up?…guess what!! They have signs too! And through interactions with those signs people learn tolerance, love, and acceptance.

What astrology IS, is a blueprint. It’s an idea of the bones of something. How it began, not how it ends up.

Imagine looking at a blueprint of a house that has been remodeled 27 times. That original blueprint is helpful in identifying the foundation, the load-bearing walls, and maybe even where doors and rooms USE to be but, that first blueprint cannot begin to cover the changes and effects of time and rebuilding. That’s all about the life that was lived within those walls since that house was built.

Astrologists can tell you things to look for, helpful ways to understand how signs might interact, and things that can cause problems but, if love exists.  No MATTER HOW INCOMPATIBLE SOMEONE LOOKS ON’s their will to work on things that has the final say! The same can also be said for the opposite direction. It can look great on paper but only actual time and attention can prove things out. If you don’t do the work..all relationships..ANY relationship will fail.

Astrology is a tool…not a black or white solution. It shows possibilities, roadblocks and strengths..but it’s people that make the true difference.

So stop being an asshat and do the actual research on a person! They make Synastry charts and Composite charts for a reason! Even then, nothing can replace good old fashioned time and effort. You put in the time and effort and nothing can keep you from relating to one another. Because it’s about a whole person communicating and loving another whole person!




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