Is it weird that this article gave me the giggles?

Cause, did.

Read it

They missed the ever important

“Has the driest sense of humor ever invented.” I mean, sure it’s dry’s also fucking hilarious once a person mulls it over, connect the dots, and then FINALLY (possibly) gets it.

You know…cause we Capricorns will wait 3 years for the perfect moment to tell that one fucking joke that can only be told in a very limited pause of a very off-chance situation and literally be the fucking gold that fucks some poor doofs up when they actually catch onto the fact that Capricorns are fucking brilliant and hilarious…but, of course nobody WAS listening….like now for instance….sigh*


Oh..and there was another article that talked about “How your crush will act around you, in their sign“. I laughed at the tag-line that read “Good luck telling if a Capricorn is into you” (har har har!!)

Capricorn’s is below.


Umm..umm..well shit. Honestly, if I can’t look at you and I constantly get clumsy as hell whenever you are even 200 miles’s pretty obvious…or I hate your guts..(pretty similar really) The giveaway is between if I #1 treat you like you’re invisible or #2 am praying that I am. #1 is a No. #2 is a Green Light!

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