The most ambitious plan I’ve ever made

Ok. Soo here’s the dream I’m having. I have never planned a vacation for myself. I have been lots of places but, usually it was all planned out by other people. I only was ever responsible for getting a flight there.

This time I’m doing it whether or not anyone else decides to come along. 1 week vacation and I’m planning it all myself. No pressure.


My plan is to go to somewhere and stay at an Air B&B. Expensive? Yes. But, here’s the thing..I never get to do things like this. It’s been about 4 years since I last had a vacation and guys! I need this. I have dreamt of planning my own vacation for soo soo long.

My three destination choices are:

Hawaii: Maui
Santa Fe, NM
Los Angeles

Those are the three places I have always wanted to go.

Choice #1: Hawaii is my 1st choice. What’s not to love about beaches, warm skin, and fantastic photo opportunities! Oh! Then there is the food. I’m in!!

Choice #2: I have been to Santa Fe but, only for 1 day. I visited Albuquerque for 3 days after 3 days on a bus to get there..and yeah! It took 3 days to get home again too..on. the. bus.

I spent more time on the bus than I did on vacation but, it was soo worth it! I loved Santa Fe the moment I saw it. The vibe was amazing and I fell in total love. I’ve always wanted the chance to return and take more time to enjoy myself exploring.

Choice #3: Los Angeles is the place where Disneyland is. Where the Chinese theater is. Where the laid back style makes you swoon. I just want to be able to say I’ve experienced a California sunset.

I have never had enough money to send myself on a vacation wherever I wanted to go. I also dream of traveling internationally but, I can’t quite swing the cost if that one lol..not just yet anyway!

I promise to update my blog as I plot and plan.

I have until June to get myself sorted.

Cross your fingers.




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