Weekly update

Warning: This post is rather extremely boring. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I bought a vacuum. Yup. That’s my most amazing news. It’s a blue Bissell and I am impatiently waiting to use it…since people kinda mind vacuums running at 2 am.

Ping, my bonsai, is doing really well. He’s getting all ” leafy” with it. That’s the  plant version of busting a move (I assume). Don Prickles looks really excited to have a taller and larger friend in his life. They go sunbathing together.

Oh, and my toilet broke. It started leaking at the water pipe connection whenever I flushed. Blue toilet cleaner every-freakin-where!!

I called maintenance and had to give permission for them to go into my flat whilst I was at work. Can I just mention just how much I HATE people in my space when I’m not there. It gives me hives.

When I got home, I found a new toilet. Brand-spanking-new. Apparently the toilet I had was from the 40’s. They couldn’t even begin to figure out how to get parts for it. In fact, the cistern was a very very old style that dumped the water into the lower section of the tank instead of filling the entire bowl. It was actually kinda cool listening to it pour the water into the tank each time. I’m kinda gonna miss it..though, obviously not the damned blue cleaner covered tile. Sigh*

That’s about it really….soo soo boring.

I’m happy but not that exciting.

I’m having a good week though. Does that count?

Ps. Bacon Cheeseburgers taste absolutely amazing with mayo instead of ketchup. Who knew?



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