Me, and my body

We are kind of a package deal, me and my body. I felt it was time to talk about this. See, I’m not a skinny chick. Nopes. Not a bit. In fact, I could probably have a tinier tummy easy..if I didn’t hate sit-ups as much as I do. ::thinks for a moment:: yeah, pretty safe to say the only reason my tummy hasn’t tightened is my complete hatred of that burning pain you get in your muscles due to doing sit-ups. Feel the burn my ass!

Soo many women only do face up photos out of some fear of being judged. Well hell! I don’t really care about that stuff. I’ve lost over 70 lbs in 2009 and gained some back over the next 10 years. Which, taught me, that I can lose weight, if I want..but, I kinda like me as I am so..::shrugs:: this is the body weight I decided on.

Maybe eventually I’ll get my butt back into swimming again and I’ll lose that belly. Maybe I won’t. Whatever happens. I’m kinda ok with men not thinking I’m good enough for them. I don’t want a guy who only cares about weight anyhow. Walk on boys! Walk on! So, here it is, my body. Note the saggy butt and prominent post C-section belly droop they never warn you about. Sexy am I right?! I tend to think so..especially when I’m butt dancing to music. (It’s a hobby)




You gotta admit. I’m all kinds of sexy in that dinohead. What?! It’s a look.


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