Postponed until 11 am

I was planning on working on my Astrology today but, my neighbor across the hall thought it was way more important to keep me awake until 3 am yelling into his cell phone. I could literally repeat his conversation until I wised up and put in earplugs which helped but did not alas totally block out the screaming.

I will be sleeping a bit more, as sleeping a bit more, will help me not murder people…most especially neighbor who is also same guy who once screamed obscenities at 5 am in parking-lot due to his inability to  figure out how to use his keys to open the apartment complex outer doors while drunk as a skunk and was escorted inside by area police as a result of said screaming. (Police were not, in fact, called by case you wondered). I just want some sleep please..please, pretty please.

Thank the glorious Gods for ear-plugs and blissful silence. Zzzzzzzzzz.


Ps. I swear I am a perfectly nice person most of the time but mess with my friends and you mess with me..the friend in question sleep. I love sleep. Don’t mess with my sleep or I’ll cut you. Love B❤

Pss. Why do I live across the hall from someone weirder than me? Is that you Karma, you ruthless bitch?!


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