Well, that didn’t work

Apparently brain is awake and brain refuses. Therefore, I will start working on Astrology as planned instead of getting more sleep ( checks to be sure brain won’t reconsider)


Ok. Ok. Pulls out notebook and gets to work. ::Sticks tongue out at brain::

Update* I can’t concentrate enough to get any work done. My neighbor is STILL AT IT. Loud…soo soo loud.
He’s giving me a headache with his cackling laughter. He’s talking about Filipino food and how they eat cats there. More cackling laughter..now he’s talking about mandarin oranges. Yes, I am literally able to give a play-by-play of his conversation from my living-room. From my LIVING-ROOM DUDE!! Wouldn’t be soo bad if he was actually talking about ANYTHING slightly interesting but, mostly it’s just smack talk and blah blah blah.. He’s Mr. verbal diarrhea.

Sigh*** please make the bad man stop. It’s been 11 hours folks. 11 hours.

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