A little commentary about Aspects

Since I am now working TMW5T’s aspects I thought I’d take a moment and explain Negative Aspects, Positive Aspects, and the soul-defining Aspect of Conjunctions with you.

Life isn’t black and white so firstly, I will say that saying things are positive and negative gives aspects a bad rep. A positive aspect can actually be bad, if it makes the person complacent, and the  opposite also goes for negative aspects. Negative aspects can act like a fine grain of sand acts on an oyster. That is to say, irritating them until they work on it or causing them trouble as a means of growth. Therefore, don’t put too much emphasis on how many or how little positive aspects appear on your chart. Pay more attention to how these aspects are applied on a case-by-case basis. Where the aspect falls and what it nudges into being is much more telling.

The most frequent positive aspects are: Trine and Sextile. Trines are, obviously the stronger of the two, but Sextiles are nice because they can be called upon or pulled forward in times of need.

The most frequent negative aspects are Square and Opposite. The Square is the one you gotta watch out for, while Opposite is what can pop up unexpectedly causing trip hazards in communication and interaction.

Then there are the Conjunctions.

Ah! Conjunctions. I actually love them. They are the character definers. The uniqueness makers. The balancing act that brings an individual into focus. I like Conjunctions because they strengthen the two planets they interact with. This can be very very bad or very very good, depending on the planets that are being impacted. Me? I like them. I think of them as the potential of a person. Those with a lot of Conjunctions are almost always memorable people. (TMW5T has more than 28)

Conjunctions are the ones a person should pay a lot of attention to when spotted on a Natal chart. They also figure prominently in consideration of love charts like Synastry and Composites. That is because these aspects will impact the entire chart. Think of Conjunctions as the Major Arcana cards of Astrology aspects and the positive and negative aspects as the Minor Arcana.



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