Let the weirdness begin

I’m awake. I’m awake. Crap. I’m awake. How did that happen? I specifically told the sun to sod off. Meh.

I feel like being a goofy doof today. I have a wacky vibe feeling and Ima totally gonna embrace it.

Not sure how that will play out but should be interestin.

On the agenda:

Shower. Stinky has a name and it is…BEKKI. Ok..not really but still. Shower.

Put Ping and Don Prickles out to sunbathe. They just love to gossip staring out the window. Two plant hens really.

Open up the most fiddly curtains ever and let the sun in. (The light..it burns!!)

Have some coffee from my new Keurig machine. (looks it up to ensure spelling Keurig correctly) Donut Shop Coffee is today’s selection. Nom nom. Did I mention it’s all Shay’s fault I’m soo addicted to coffee K-cup machines now? Cause it is. I’m unable to complain because I kinda got her addicted to K Drama. ( Laughs evilly) It was not an accident either..I strategically planned that shit too. ( Laughs evilly again. Stops a moment to practice evil laugh then proceeds)

Egg on Toast for brekkie. Yes.
Pre-cooked bacon. Also yes.
Cup of grape juice. Why not.

Astrology notes in sewing recliner. Working TMW5T’s chart today instead of mine. (did 5 of mine yesterday)
Listen to music for short break.
Will post todays selection. I usually pick 3.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten in my plans. I need to get quarters and do laundry. (I’m strange in that I actually enjoy doing laundry)

Ok. Enough procrastinating. Get thee to the shower woman!!



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