Well, ok…that happened

Ok. I’ve gone and done it now! I didn’t do anything my family wanted and went my own way on my plans. See, I kinda fell in love with this art gallery AirB&B in Long Beach California and before I knew what came over me, I requested to book it. ::covers face:: I know! I know! I’m insane. Then, I booked the flights. OMG! I’ve lost my mind people!

I haven’t even properly discussed anything with anyone either. I just did it. It just totally appealed to me. Walking around taking photos of street art and galleries. My heart just went nutso cutlet.

And…I’m kinda excited. I did something nuts and I might get yelled at by my sisters for it but, they were fighting so soo much about where to go and the cost. I decided I was just going to do it alone. I hope they don’t kill me dead for this.



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