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I’m going to tell you a story about a friend of mine.

My friend, M was going through some aspects of Kundalini and one day I told him about Spirit Guide Symbols.

When going through my awakening I asked my guides to help me by providing proof that what was happening to me was real. I was soo confused I wanted physical proof they were communicating with me. I chose a butterfly to be my symbol.

That day something amazing happened to me. It was late Fall/Winter so I assumed I would probably not see even one butterfly but, apparently I underestimated my spirit guides. In a rather spectacular fashion, I began seeing butterfly images everywhere. Signs, t-shirts, decorations. Not a mere 1 or 2 but soo many it confounded me. It was unreal and slightly emotional. In one day I saw no less than 23 butterflies in various guises. I am not embarrassed to admit I cried. To realize I am not alone and that these guides and angels were real made me extremely emotional.

Now, my friend listened patiently but, I could tell he was really sceptical. So, I challenged him to select his own symbol from his guides and angels as his own brand of proof. He was skeptical but eventually I convinced him to just pick something. He finally selected a dandelion as his “proof”. We talked more and then hung up.

A few weeks later he contacted me. There was a light and joy in his voice that I had not heard in some time. I asked him what was up and he excitedly told me a story.

He admitted that in selecting a dandelion as his symbol, he hadn’t really believed me. Humoring me really. What happened to him soon changed all that.

He’d been spending a lot of time in his mum’s greenhouse watching the birds in the garden. He liked sitting inside with the glass doors closed as it was a bit chilly out.

His attention was captured by a gust of wind that blew a dandelion outside the greenhouse up into the air. He was startled by the way it floated, on a sort of wind blown path. He sat watching it make its way closer and closer to the greenhouse.

He thought suddenly of the symbol he’d selected but was still very stubbornly refusing to acknowledge that this was a sign from guides and angels. He wasn’t a particularly religious man really, so he explained it away.He was in a garden after all!

Then, the dandelion got closer. It was right outside the greenhouse but M, feeling a bit strange about it now..thought “It can’t possibly get into the greenhouse anyway. It’s not really a message for me.”

Then, M went on. It did something he will never forget. It changed his life. The dandelion floated up and up and into the greenhouse vent. Through to the other side. It floated into the air just above him and then, slowly, like a bird, started down until it floated just above him. M says he sat in wonder and without knowing why..put out his hand. The dandelion landed straight into his palm. 

Now, I know. This sounds like a made-up story but I promise it’s completely true. The proof of it is in how much M changed after that day. He got better and his life today resembles very little the life he was living before. In that phone call my friend retold that story with great delight and awe. It’s one of my favorite memories.

So..here is my challenge. You want proof your guides and angels are real and talking to you? Pick a symbol. Something that will clearly indicate your guides and angels are present. Then, make a firm promise to notice these signs if they appear and commit to a symbol that is significant to you. Then, and this is important..ask the universe for help. Ask your angels and guides for proof they are speaking to you in the world. Ask them to show you your selected symbol and ask them to show it within the next 3 days. Then let your intentions fly into the universe.

I’m pretty sure if you do this, you are in for a surprise.

Here are some symbol suggestions if you can’t think of one:

Bumble Bee

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