An Update of Sorts

So, I’ve done gone and lost my mind. I don’t know what’s come over me lately. Ever since moving here I’ve become a sort-of plant mum. I’ve never taken to plants this way before but, I’m thinking that had to do with living in a basement..kinda.

It started with Don Prickles, my itty-bitty cactus buddy. He gave me confidence because, can’t easily kill a cactus. Or so I was reassured.
Then, a lady returned a Bonsai tree to work claiming he was “dying” on her. Emphasis on it not being her fault. Well lady! That got my dander up. Lil Bonsai just needed more water than you provided! I named him Ping before realizing that Bonsai is a Japanese tree. Unfortunately Ping had already decided he liked his name and flatly refused to let me change it. Well, ok then.

Don Prickles and Ping are like soul-mate brothers. They get one another.

Now, I just adopted again. I know, I know What has come over me?

Tonight I brought home 2 plants. 1 is a succulent and the other is an English Ivy which apparently, is a type of foliage plant. I think the other one is an Aloe Vera plant.

Now to name them I must learn their personalities first.

The Aloe plant has already “bitten” me and his energy feels male. He’s a bit more pensive than the others.

The English Ivy is soo beautiful. A bit sweet and delicate looking, so I think I have my first girl plant.

Oh, and what am I doing at 11: 40 at night? Umm…
making brownies. (Guilty smile)


Look how handsome Ping is getting!!


Aren’t they adorable!!?

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