2 Day update

Let’s see, what did I do on my days off? Prepare to be bored stiff.

Yesterday I did my shopping. I haven’t told you about my eccentric shopping behaviors have I? Oh..this will be fun then.

See, I don’t drive. I learned to, and I even got my drivers permit but, divorcing and having no money for things like food, means you also have no money for gas, insurance, and car payments..not if you don’t also want to live in your car. Soo. I adjusted. I do that, I adjust. I’m actually an expert on finding the cheapest and most efficient way. Most of the time it’s about giving up time. I gave up time a lot living in Erie. Actually, I love driving. The few times I’ve been able to drive I was overwhelmed by driving lust. The freedom!! I was hooked. My BIL says I have a lead foot. Pfftt..people really should just get outta ma way ok?! Lol

Anyway, I don’t drive and with the introduction of Uber and Lyft my whole world opened up. I actually think Uber and Lyft are the wave of the future. Soon enough people will choose these kinds of transportation exclusively in order to save money and fossil fuels. I prefer to think of my lack of car as new age green consumerism…yeah. That’s it! Heh.

Most of the time I take the bus or a Lyft. Since I live just down the street from my store though, I walk to get my groceries. I walk…and I take my luggage with me. Yup. My luggage.  My luggage on wheels! You see where this is going?

I am known in my local Festival Foods as “That nutty luggage lady” it works like a dream. The size of the luggage keeps me from over-spending since too many groceries equals a problem getting said groceries home. I also don’t need to use the stores bags. Maybe 1, for the bread or eggs I don’t want to put in my luggage for obvious reasons. So, no wasting resources.

Anyway, I got my groceries and wheeled them home. I got the makings for fajitas, nachos and enchiladas. Now, of those three my absolute favorite is enchiladas. My tummy actually hums when it knows enchiladas are near.

After taking care of putting my food away I let my inner cleaning nut have a go at the dirty dishes and the entire bathroom. She was much pleased by the smell of glass cleaner, I assure you.

Then, I worked on my Astrology aspects, or rather TMW5T’s aspects. It was quite interesting. I forgot a lot of my notes so it’s like learning him all over again. He’s like a delightful puzzle of complex personality. The man is like an onion! All those layers.

Then, I watched the movie “Now you see it” It was ok, but I think it would have been a bigger hit if they had revealed the secrets like they did in Ocean’s 11..much more fun for the movie-watcher to see the play-by-play showing how they did it all. They did it a bit with the car crash sequence but honestly, I wanted more. Watching how they did it is just fun.

What else? I watched a pick-a-card reading and wondered if it could be true. They make a girl hopeful those vids.

Today I woke up rather early and refused to get out of bed. Unfortunately the sun has a sense of humor and busied itself shining in my dern face. Soo. I got up and let my plants sunbathe..but not until after one of the @$#!=%÷=+×/* shades broke off my vertical blinds. That makes #2. I won’t repeat what I said but, you wouldn’t call me a lady anymore if you’d heard me.

I took a shower with my playlist (conveniently called panic/ break glass for those cussing moments in life when you need to chill the hell out and stop being a goofy doof) blaring. After my shower I stared at my bed and grimaced. I wash my sheets and blankets 2 times a month and this was the day. Meh!

I hauled it all down to the laundry and did my thing. $1.50 a load is highway robbery considering it only washes for 30 min. Meh!

When I returned to my apartment I worked on my own Astrology Aspects and posted them. Then, I returned to the laundry to find that one of the machines I was using, didn’t drain on a final spin. Much cursing ensued. Apparently today is big on cussing.

Got my laundry in the dryer and reconciled myself to the fate of knowing that in order to get my lovely underwear dry (you wish you could see my sports bras. They are soo pretty!) I’d have to dry them twice. Meh again!

After finally getting all that done I made fajitas for dinner. Nom Nom Nom.

I watched How I Met Your Mother while prepping a new sewing project.

Now I’m lying here thinking my blanket smells yummy and contemplating the thought of TMW5T’S undies. Hmm..I wonder if he’s a BVD man or a Fruit of the Loom guy. I think he was once a White Undie man but he might have ventured into colored undie zones by now..or even (gasp!) Patterns!!! I don’t think he’s the satin undies type..too many wedgies, but, he’d look yummy in navy or stripes. (Stop thinking about his undies you perv!) ::blush::

Heh heh heh.




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