Went home sick


Being sick makes me feel lonely. My blood sugar dropped way low and scared me a lot. My blood sugar sometimes drops so low I pass out so I didn’t mess around, I went home. I’m thinking of calling in tomorrow to get my sugar under control. I have never passed out at work and want to keep it that way, especially around cars.

To be honest, I knew my body was off when I went in but, there is only me to work nights and close. I didn’t want to let my team down. I could tell my immunity was low and by 5 pm the body aches and sweating started. That’s a big ol red flag in hyperglycemic-land. The fact that it was only 20° out didn’t help either. I got home and couldn’t stop shivering until I drank some hot coffee and dialed my heat way up. Sigh*

I’ve only ever passed out 3 times but, for me it’s really really bad. I literally go blind for 30 seconds before I black out. Scares the shit out of me but, it does give me just enough warning to get on the ground. I don’t recommend blacking out in public…I only did that once and I woke to a Burger King associate standing over me with a cold soda. Thank goodness they guessed what happened to me.

Anyway, I’m not taking chances. My work is already strenuous without adding in wildly swinging sugar levels.




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