I am completely knackered

Today at work was completely draining. Saturday is generally known as the busiest day of the week for my store. Now, add in the warmest, sunniest day in 2 weeks time. Now, add in tax return time and sprinkle a teeny bit of leap year goodness and you have: The “Oh shit! This is gonna hurt!!” day from hell!”

Oh, and I was the only one they scheduled to work carts today. Just. Me. By. Myself.

I took it like a woman. I pulled up my big girl panties and got to work.

Sigh* The cart entryway couldn’t keep at more than 20 carts for the first 4 hours.

They sent people to “help” for short periods, but this only helped minimally because A) They had no clue what they were doing. And B) They could only spare them for at most 15 min at a time. 15 min isn’t enough time to build up carts really. It’s like a band-aid solution that only lasts a short time and quickly ends after they have left.

Then, I’m back down to only 20 carts again..which means, basically I’m running on an endless loop getting carts. I was running like that non-stop for the first 4 hours.

Oh! And people on weekends act like crazy drivers. For realz!! I have gotten so use to almost being run over that I don’t even blink anymore. I just accept that they will either hit me or they won’t. You can’t really stop a car with a stack of carts and carts don’t have breaks soo. I just don’t let myself think about it. People do 3 things that make me feel unsafe. 1) They pull out backwards without looking in the rearview mirror. 2) They drive way too fast in such a packed pedestrian area. 3) They skip the stop signs like they are merely suggestions.

I did almost lose my mind when I saw a mother legit not even react to her child standing in the traffic lane calmly drinking a soda as cars (as in, more than one) THAT COULDN’T SEE HER SMALL CHILD IN TRAFFIC, whizzed by almost hitting her. I wish I was kidding.

Her response to her child almost getting run over was to say “Go get in the car” I wish I hadn’t seen that. I love every child ever born like they are mine. My Z will be the first to tell you I am extremely over-protective. I ain’t even ashamed.

Anyway, I say 4 hours because in the 4th hour they sent James outside. James was my trainer when I worked there the 1st time and let me tell you! He’s a pro! It felt incredible to work with someone who works as hard as I do and in the same method, as he taught it to me!!!

He helped me get it all caught up and then, stayed out there so I could also take my lunch! What a great co-worker.

He and his wife just moved the night before and the poor guy was working on 4 hours of sleep.

I was truly thankful. Now, I’m just glad to be home and off work tomorrow.



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