I made chicken enchiladas for the 1st time!

I am uber excited. My chicken enchiladas are currently in the oven. My soon-to-be-fresh-baked-chocolate-chip-cookies are on standby and my cleaned apartment smells like lemon sanitizing cleaner and apple cider air freshener.


I’m feeling pretty darn good!

I opened up my windows because it’s in the 50’s and I am soo damned happy about it.

My tummy is totally ready for that yummy enchilada goodness.


Update* Just finished eating my enchiladas. Am now convinced I am a cooking goddess. Soooo yumm!!

Update on my update* Ah crap! Somebody (tries to look innocent) forgot to turn the timer on and slightly overcooked the cookies. Like, they didn’t burn but they have a lovely burnt aftertaste. Sigh* The cooking goddess feeling lasted exactly 18 min. Hahahaha.

Don’t worry I’m making another batch. I remembered the timer this time.

As for the slightly overdone ones, I have heard you can use overcooked cookies as a pie crust. Will look into this.

There! These are much better. 2 of them went mysteriously missing. (Into my tummy. Heh)



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