Well, that didn’t go well

Soo, I am going to Long Beach, CA in June. I took my bathing suit out and looked it over considering. I’m pretty ok with my body but, where bathing suits are a concerned, I think all women tend to be a bit uncertain. I’m not adverse to an attack of nerves about people seeing me in a bathing suit, especially THAT bathing suit. The one I bought on a whim 2 years ago, after pushing carts all Summer and dropping 3 pant sizes.

In the Summer, I’m pretty active on carts so it’s not my weight that’s the issue. That’s not really the freak-out part, surprisingly. Nope.

The thing is, even wearing a size 12 bathing suit I felt super nervous because of the whole “Yup, I have boobs”  issue. When I bought the bathing suit I felt really super sexy. I put on this truly daring (for me) bathing suit with a keyhole cut-out in the breast area and dared myself to buy it. Soo..I did. Only, I can’t seem to get myself to wear it without a t-shirt on.  I just can’t seem to convince myself to show off the girls. I hide my breasts like a complete doof. 

I still can’t do it yet..soo don’t get too excited. I’m not suddenly gonna go all brave and post a photo of me full torso in that bathing suit today….but, I am going to slowly try and do it by June. Maybe.


Outtake of me breaking out in giggles trying to take an acceptable photo.


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