Daily Doings

The weather keeps getting progressively better. As a cart-pusher this is truly great news.

I haven’t much to report. I was feeling rather low, but I’m ok now.

Not much to report to be honest. I started the Alice in Wonderland stitch-along border and it’s coming together rather nicely. I hope doing it on white instead of ecru looks ok. I don’t really enjoy stitching on ecru.


I’m also going to be doing a quick-stitch piece for a co-workers son who shares the same birthday as my own son. He apparently adores dinosaurs. Since I love puns I chose this piece:


Now I just need to decide which one to stitch. Decisions, decisions!

I’m debating between the Veloci-wrapper (because of the present, seeing as it’s a birthday gift) or the Tricera-pop..which is admittedly going to be funnier to a little kid.


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