I would really, (truly) like a psychologist to explain to me (in detail) why they think it is that people who shop, and subsequently use carts, can’t seem to bring themselves to actually push carts to-ge-ther. No, really. I can’t understand it. It consumes my brain.

I don’t think people are lazy. I have seen them walk a cart all the way back into the store, so…not lazy. I am baffled, truly baffled because, after walking it aaalllll that way almost every stinkin person seems to develop a complete loss of energy in the final 3-4 steps of actually pushing them together. If it was just a few people it would ease my mind. It would be slightly annoying but..ok. The thing is it’s actually something like 90% of the people. 90%!!!! I literally watch them do it. Stop and leave the cart 2 paces from the other carts. WTH is going on? I think.

You see it most in the cart corrals. Carts that have just been shoved in instead of pushed together. You know this because there comes that inevitably annoying one cart, somewhere in the middle, that just sort-of turns sideways as it’s “shoved” into the corral and makes it so that the corral fills up even though it’s “not really” full.

I sometimes even see people push the carts toward the corral but never actually go “to” the corral. More like a wishful push similar to tossing paper balls into waste baskets. Just guess how many actually make it? Go ahead, guess. Oh, and the kicker is that in the office people who miss the wastepaper basket, often retrieve the missed paper and put it in properly. Not soo for a cart corral…apparently.

I mean it. I think a psychologist would totally find parking-lot culture extremely fascinating.

I truly do want to know what’s up with that whole..unable to push carts together thing.

It’s really really bugging me.


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