Lost, then found

Well, that wasn’t fun…at all. This morning I went to leave and realized that my wallet wasn’t in it’s usual zipped pocket. This. Was. Bad.

I looked everywhere and remembered I took off my coat and had to move my wallet out of it. I placed it in my pants pocket. I looked there..nope. I realized my wallet must have fallen out. I then went to plan B. Getting to work without a bus pass. I called and put holds on my 2 cards and then got a lyft to work, then, immediately locked that card too.

I sat at work upset. I don’t like losing things. I am very careful (practically manic) about my personal effects.

When I got to work I went into the office and found…my wallet on the desk. The night crew found my wallet.

Praise the Lord. I’m thinking I don’t need soo many cards with me all the time. Someone is leaving more stuff at home from now on.


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