I’m a bit sad and frustrated today

Tomorrow is going to be extremely difficult. Today they had to fire the kid I work with on carts. He’s autistic and unfortunately kept making mistakes that cost the company money. I have some experience working with autistic kids on carts. He’s the second autistic kid I’ve worked with. I’m not gonna lie. Working with autistic kids has some serious challenges and sometimes the stress of it makes me want to put my head through a wall but, the thing is, I see the potential in these dudes and I root for potential with my whole heart. I was firm on some things but tried to encourage him when I saw him doing well.

This kid had a hard time with concentration. He’d lose his train of thought and stop paying attention to what he was doing or, like a raven, get distracted by something and lose himself in that neat shiny thing. Like, he was pushing carts and it started to rain, so he put a box on his head to keep the rain off. Like a little kid would do, only he was pushing carts and…well..he ran them straight into the glass doors.

Autistic kids beat themselves up over mistakes. So his mistake was probably hard for him to process. I wasn’t there for that incident, I got hired after it happened but, he was allowed to stay on despite the enormous cost. They warned him he needed to be more careful. Eventually they had to make adjustments to his way of doing carts as he kept hitting people in the legs, from behind, with the carts.

Sadly, today was the breaking point. He ran the carts straight into a moving car. It caused soo much damage that the company had to fire him.

It upset me soo much. The kid had this way of spotting a cart and getting soo excited he’d run to it. It always made me smile. The challenges were numerous. He’d disappear inside and forget to come back out. He’d pick up personal items when helping people and place them into the car just like he did with the groceries. I had to explain that personal items should only be taken out of the cart by the customer and he shouldn’t touch them unless the customer was accidentally leaving the item behind.

Today he hugged me and started crying as he said goodbye and I just couldn’t. Dammit all. The kid was horrible at carts but, he sure did try hard.

Tomorrow I am going to have to work carts alone again. Last week was the worst Saturday ever..and that includes Christmas season. I am not looking forward to it. Sigh** There are only 2 cart people left now. One on mornings and one on nights. That’s really, really bad news. I need my days off and with no other cart pushers it’s not going to be pretty.




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