Well, that was a disaster


I was originally soo excited. I realized I had just enough money to get my son an awesome present for his birthday. A new digital drawing tablet.

I was all ready to buy it when I realized that the website I was going to order from (and had gotten pre-approved by my son) only takes Paypal payments. I don’t use Paypal after a hacking incident soured me on them completely and irreversibly. Soo..I looked up another well-known manufacturer Wacom, and found what I thought was a really good tablet. I then made my stupid mistake. I didn’t contact my son to confirm my selection first. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I also did it on a weekend..yup..Saturday, which means I gotta wait until Monday to contact them and attempt to cancel the order in hopes they haven’t processed it yet…because..apparently I’ve chosen a tablet that isn’t compatible with Z’s computer.

Now I’m totally bummed. Sigh*

I was soo excited and now I just feel embarrassed and anxious about needing to get the order cancelled.

Poop. 💩

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