I hope I never see a day like today ever again

Full-blown panic buying. There were soo many people it surpassed black-friday, Christmas and Thanksgiving shopping in one day. I’m not kidding either. I wish I was kidding. I thought yesterday was bad but, today was in an entirely different level of freaking-out. People snatching items from shelves, cutting each other off to get the parking space first, stealing products from other people’s parked carts.

I usually push on average 8-9 carts at a time. Today was soo busy that I, pretty much, didn’t push less than 9 every single trip the entire day. That’s just nuts. With 2 cart-pushers we are usually ok. Most of the time the trouble comes when someone has to do a solo shift on a super busy day. Today, 2 cart-pushers was just barely making it. We had to have other people stand-in for us when we took breaks or else the carts ran out almost immediately. It was mayhem.

I’m in a lot of pain. I am soo incredibly tired. The last 3 days have been extreme. My body hasn’t been able to properly recover from each previous day fully and thus, today had me almost at a breaking point emotionally and physically. It takes a lot to make me feel like crying in exhaustion. I was on the verge of it several times but, I pushed it back.

Instead, I tried making light-hearted jokes and made sure I thanked everyone who assisted me profusely. I teased that the managers owed me chocolate for all my hard work and, to my supreme surprise,  one of my managers showed up in the break-room with a Hershey bar. Awwwww! That was soo nice!


I’m still scared to go to work tomorrow.

But chocolate helps.


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