What a hard day! Tempers were frayed and customers were impatient. A few co-workers almost lost their cool but, honestly, our team truly supported each other by making jokes and rushing to assist one another through the hard bits.

Shelly made everyone smile by bringing pies into the break-room for “National π (Pi) day” 3.14 (Get it?) Har har har.

Our management team has provided subs for the last 2 days to keep us all energized. I have the best co-workers! They always come out to assist anytime I get into a hole.

The guy who works in optical came out to help me on carts and when I complimented his work he smiled and said “Well, I don’t have your drift” well…heck. I didn’t know he’d noticed my way of side-slotting the carts into place (though members often stare at me in shock when I do it) I just found a way that works for me. It makes my work a tiny bit more fun and challenging too!

(I’m pretty sure all cart pushers have their own techniques) still, it was cool to realize I have my own “special move” I kept teasing everyone that I was going to start calling it the “Bekki drift”

The massive lines and rushes finally died around 4:30. I sent my store manager a photo on Facebook of the carts back to normal and she, and my old co-worker Nou (he now works as manager of his own store) both made some really warm comments to me. It’s nice to be seen. Not bad for a 46 year old female cart-pusher eh?! 😂




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