A thoughtful moment

During this time of great uncertainty we have seen both sides of humanity. There has been fear and panic bringing out the cruelty in some people, and there has been compassion and faith bringing out the love in others. I choose love.

At the end of the day, I choose love. Death is an inevitable fact of life. We are born, we struggle, we live, we love, we die.

I want my life to be an enduring pattern of choosing the path that leads to love.

I’d rather give up what others are soo fearful of losing, than watch myself turn into a version of me I cannot look fully in the face.

This week I have seen great beauty standing squarely to meet great fear,  and my heart knows that we will survive this. So long as there are people singing on balconies. So long as there are daughters outside windows writing mothers they can’t hug.  So long as there are people leaving toilet paper rolls outside gates for “Anyone who needs this more than I do” Humanity will survive so long as we fight to be forever humane.

Much love,



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